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What need does an interim manager fulfil ?

Traditional hiring methods have shown their limits, against a backdrop of accelerated corporate change in complex organisations, and in a quickly changing and globalising environment. The hiring cycle is too long, and there is not enough flexibility to respond to one-off needs and strategic projects.
Interim management is attracting companies that have one-off needs for specific skills and for seasoned professionals. An increasing number of these professionals are viewing interim management as a profession in and of itself.

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Is interim management an opportunity to diversify?

To develop new expertise? To explore new sectors?

Website launch

The world is changing; our business is evolving; MPI executive is changing too. We believed it was important to freshen up our site so we could better present our agency, skills, managers, and view of the interim management profession . . .

On the interim management market since 2002, we have considerable expertise and a solid reputation. With hundreds of assignments for our clients behind us, we have specific expertise in understanding assignments, selecting the right managers, and operational follow-up. We use an extremely strict process to select interim managers.

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We consider that each situation is unique and requires bespoke work. We start with the need expressed by the client. We analyse the context and stakes, and describe the scope and content of the assignment. We define the profile required for the assignment. As our database is constantly expanded, in just a few days we can find “the right manager in the right place, at the right time”.

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Right from the beginnings of our agency, we decided to focus specifically on interim management and to invest in excellence. Our clients can count on MPI executive to provide its loyalty and solid expertise in interim management.

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We offer a team of experienced consultants, an updated database of over 1,500 managers, and an international network.

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