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The MPI executive interim manager

An operational and practical manager

The managers we select have extensive professional experience. They are good at analysing and understanding the big picture. They have:

  • A natural ability to share their experience and expertise with the company,
  • The capacity to accurately identify what is realistic and what isn’t in terms of change.

Each manager has solid operational expertise in specific fields. The nature of the missions also requires them to know how to truly adapt, to understand and act quickly, to take a step back, and to cope with stress, of course.
Our managers are usually slightly overqualified to ensure that the quality and the swiftness of mission execution.

A conscious choice about personal and professional life

Our interim managers are usually men and women who are no longer interested in permanent contracts. They take a different approach to their career. They are looking for more independence, freedom, and balance between their professional and personal lives. They love challenges. They want to diversify their experience by working in various kinds of companies in different sectors.
This decision often leads them to work in operations. They prefer focusing on the stakes of the mission at hand, spending less time managing the political aspects involved in building a career within a company.

A strict selection process

Our managers systematically undergo an in-depth interview with one or several consultants. In just a few days, we can therefore quickly find “the right manager, in the right place, at the right time”.

Réunion de travail avec un manager de transition

We check the professional references, language skills, and abilities of the candidate. Hiring an interim manager is very different from “traditional” hiring. We focus on skills and expertise that are immediately operational and applicable so that the gaps in the organisation of our client companies can be filled as soon as possible.