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Specific example

SectorPosition / Duration ContextMissionResults
Development and operation of industrial systemsChief Executive Officer / 6 MonthsExecutive interim• Stabilised the management team
• Defined a common strategy
• Reconstituted the business offer
• Returned to organic growth
• Redeployed support functions

Rallying the management team around a common business offer created the conditions to return to organic growth.
TelecommunicationsManaging Director / 7 MonthsManager replacement• Refocused the company on its core business
• Improved the profit ratio, WCR ratio, and market share
• Identified and restructured loss centres
• Defined a business strategy that was coherent with the industrial strategy

The action plan was a success. The profit ratio, WCR ratio, and the market share improved.
Construction sector - GermanyManaging Director / 19 MonthsIntegration and Restructuring• Handled manager replacement
• Managed operations and executed the restructuring plan to return to profitability in 18 months
• Identified and trained potential successors internally

• The restructuring allowed the company to become a market leader and to produce a net positive result in line with shareholder expectations
• Profitability was restored in two years, and the company was transferred

Plastic packagingManaging Director / 10 MonthsRingfencing• Segregated a business spread across several countries
• Rallied the staff of the future division
• Managed the entity and balanced its budget
• Identified a successor

• The division was set up in less than a year
• It became operational and efficient (improved the group's average profitability)
• Handled the hiring and training of a new Director

SectorPosition / Duration ContextMissionResults
Chemical industrial companyFactory Manager / 9 MonthsReplacement• Ensured that the factory manager function continued smoothly following the sudden promotion of the individual in this position
• Managed the factory and all its aspects (technology, production, finances, sales, management, human resources)
• Handled reporting to general management

• The handover was swift due to the extremely tight timeline
• The shift of control of the factory and its teams happened smoothly thanks to the swift integration of the interim manager and their industry experience

Metal ManufacturerFactory Transfer Project Manager / 12 MonthsManaged a temporary and specific project• Managed a factory transfer project with the closure of one factory and the expansion of another site at the same time.
• Handled the audit of existing facilities
• Managed and planned the various stages
• Handled cross-functional project management by involving general management and local managers in the process
• Reported to the company

This project was on time and adhered to the budget, to the company's great satisfaction
Automotive IndustryProduction Manager / 4 MonthsOrganised production• Led the production and maintenance team, managed and had the staff and teams take responsibility for their roles
• Drew up and followed action and improvement plans with management and technical teams of the parent company located overseas
• Optimised overall production in terms of cost/timing/quality

Production increased 20% in three months, with a positive operating return and an improvement in labour relations
Automotive IndustryProduction Manager / 4 MonthsOrganised factory production with technical teams and management outside of Europe• Handled the management of the production and maintenance team
• Drew up and followed improvement action plans on the field
• Assisted production in terms of cost/timing/quality

• Production significantly increased by the end of the assignment
• The operating margin became positive again
• A new management scheme was implemented
• Computer-assisted navigation was finalised

Components manufacturer - SwedenIndustrial Factory Manager / 18 MonthsTransferred and repatriated industrial activity in order to rationalise the geographic distribution of the company's production• Maintained production during the transfer phase
• Stayed within the defined budgets
• Managed the administrative and corporate aspects of the site closure

• The transfer of production was completed on time
• The budget was not overspent
• The site was closed without any strikes

SectorPosition / Duration ContextMissionResults
PackagingHuman Resources Director / 6 MonthsRecovery• Handled the responsibilities of the human resources director
• Assisted an industrial site undergoing recovery and then closure with its redundancy scheme
• Advised general management and superiors on legal and administrative aspects
• Ensured there was social dialogue and handled negotiations with the bodies representing staff

• Signed a method agreement ("accord de méthode") in record time
• Finalised the employment safeguard scheme, the "PSE"
• Took steps to redeploy the site in the labour pool

EngineeringHuman Resources Director / 6 MonthsReplaced the director on maternity leave• Ensured the continued function of the role of the human resources director in a transition from recovery to growth
• Set up a policy for compensation and work time arrangements; implemented the strategic workforce plan
• Managed the factory floor (vision / change management / organisation)

• Negotiated and concluded two company contracts
• Prepared contracts on arrangements regarding the work time and the strategic workforce plan
• Restored labour talks

Pharmaceutical industryLabour Relations Director / 6 MonthsReplacement• Ensured the continued function of the role of the director, who was on maternity leave
• Handled labour relations with unions and ensured compliance with labour legislation
• Continued to implement an employee safeguard scheme and completed the HR aspects of the restructuring project

• The restructuring project was executed
• The restoration of the spirit of dialogue with bodies representing staff enabled the individual in the position to go back to her position in a stable environment

AdvertisingPayment Officer - Human Resources Management System / 3 MonthsTechnical support• Modernised and upgraded the human resources management system and the contract with the external service provider
• Prepared, implemented, and successfully executed the profit-sharing scheme
• Helped to upgrade the payment systems (e.g. bonus and variable compensation arrangements, drawing up criteria for and defining the basis for calculations).

• The profit-sharing scheme was completely renegotiated for 3 years
• The methods for calculating and the criteria for assigning the variable portion of pay for directors was entirely revamped

Funding bodyHuman Resources Consultant / 2 MonthsStructured human resources for an international joint venture• Gathered all the documents required to analyse HR practices in the various countries where the company had operations
• Analysed the data collected and summarised it
• Made an exhaustive assessment for general management

• The situation was audited quickly.
• Deliverables were provided to the company (e.g. HR audit, the results of surveys and questionnaires, revamped job descriptions, drew up a summary of compensation, formatted a business directory).

SectorPosition / Duration ContextMissionResults
Electronic services and solutionsFinancial Director / 3 MonthsIncreased capital• Completed fundraising in a very short period of time
• Conducted negotiations with banks and leasing institutions for additional funding
• Managed all the corporate secretariat functions related to the operation
• Prepared and managed the last board of directors meeting

• The increase in capital was completed on time with 150% of the offer subscribed despite an unfavourable market environment

Corporate services and supportProject Manager / 5 MonthsRevamped the organisation within the Accounting Division• Handled the analysis of the organisation
• Suggested a new way of organising in line with the defined objectives
• Managed a situation of deteriorating labour relations

• Conducted a major reorganisation with a change in managerial staff
• Revamped the approach of the staff to the business
• Identified processes to optimise

Renewable EnergyCFO / 7 MonthsBought out a foreign company• Developed a set of operating indicators for general management
• Aligned the quality and credibility of financial information of the subsidiary
• Coached teams on effectively controlling projects
• Assisted in controlling IT processes

• Reshuffled the financial team (30 people), and redefined the missions of each person
• Implemented new reporting in line with expectations of the parent company
• Optimised the management and monitoring of the various projects
• Handled the recruitment and training of the new permanent CFO

International electronics companyFinancial Director / 6 MonthsSupported management in a change management programme• Handled the departure of the Director of Finance And Administration
• Mobilised resources to counter the decline in the company's business

Set up a new organisation in the financial department
SectorPosition / DurationContextMissionResults
Aerospace manufacturerLogistics Manager for Products in Development / 4 MonthsReconciled the specificities of the manufacturing process, delivery times, and the expectations of the main client• Improved the flow of products in development
• Assumed responsibility for all stages through delivery
• Increased the fill rate
• Increased client satisfaction

Reduced the delays for the main client

Industrial companyLogistics Director / 5 MonthsRationalised the site following a major drop in client orders• Led and managed logistics and purchasing teams
• Established the strategic direction for the supply chain
• Supported and coached the permanent staff for the position
• Managed and supported change

• Reduced inventory based on ABC analysis
• Improved the client and supplier fill rate
• Reassessed the external storage/transport strategy and sales

TextileSupply Chain Consulting Expert / 7 MonthsBuild-Up• Audited the various entities
• Cross-functionally harmonised purchasing and logistics processes
• Revamped management tools with the sales and support departments

• Revamped support functions, which made economies of scale possible
• Detected problems related to siloed management

Purchasing Expert Plastics technology / 3 MonthsStrived to optimise costs• Audited practices and processes
• Mapped out purchasing (organisation of the department, supplier and product panel
• Drew up plans to increase productivity

• Mapped out purchases
• Reorganised the production planning / supply / purchasing chain
• Drew up a report on areas of progress; presented it to general management

SectorPosition / DurationContextMissionResults
A leading international company in plastics technologyProject Director / 8 MonthsLed an ERP project• Conducted information systems due diligence
• Made a business case for an ERP programme
• Handled the IFS ERP implementation for deployment in Europe

Completed the project

A leading international company in plastics technologyProject Delivery Manager / 12 MonthsRecovered a strategic project• Audited the project and suggested recovery measures
• Ran workshops with the business analysts
• Managed the project team (development and production launch)

Recovered the project

Major player in the publishing sectorInformation Systems Director / 5 MonthsManaged production and applications• Ensured the continuity of operations and of the budget cycle
• Drew up the master plan
• Designed the company's information systems

Ensured the continuity of operations and IT production.
Large electronics companyInformation Systems Director / 5 MonthsIT production and infrastructure• Replaced the infrastructure director at the last minute
• Managed facilities management contracts
• Motivated and supervised internal teams
• Launched an initiative to improve the information system based on the ITIL framework

Replaced the infrastructure director at the last minute. Smoothly took over contract and team management.

Large international electronics companyInformation system transition programme management / 6 MonthsInformation system transition programme and reorganisation• Steered IT projects (e.g. defined technical architecture changes and specifications, conducted standardisation work)
• Ensured the security of information system infrastructure
• Monitored technological improvements and informed the company about major projects
• Managed, trained, and supervised a dedicated information systems team
• Issued regular and rigorous reports

Completed the project.

Large food processing companyVP Director, Information Systems Company / 6 Months Interim CIO for steering information systems in an M&A operation • Managed IT resources to anticipate and align core business needs (at subsidiary level)
• Managed the company's growth by developing information systems' capacity (improved the productivity of processes, drew up the methodology to optimise business processes)
• Steered the project to ensure the control of information system budgets (gave priority to investments with high added value, increased productivity at the level of the user's computer)
• Remodelled and built the company's information system (company standards, synergy from best practices)
• Promoted an IT strategy at the company-wide level

The merger/acquisition process was successfully conducted in the information systems function.

Large real estate companyProject Manager / 5 MonthsImproved the IT services and organisation of the department• Ensured the implementation of a solution for financial consolidation
• Developed the business case and drew up the roadmap
• Conducted deployment on 12 international sites
• Conducted an e-business initiative (self-care)
• Assessed the situation; produced a 360° analysis for the CIO
• Suggested a way of organising and an action plan
• With the internal teams, drew up initiatives to implement in order of priority
• Handled a presentation to the executive committee on the role of information systems and alignment with the business strategy

Deployed the financial consolidation application on 12 international sites.
Large international corporate services companyIT Department / 3 MonthsInformation systems interim director• Took care of the IT Department and defined the objectives as part of the missions and objectives of general management and the financial and administrative directorship
• Coordinated and managed IT activities (project, maintenance, application support, operations), and ensured the quality of services users expect
• Provided functional reporting with the corporate information systems entity, to represent the French subsidiary (prepared the deployment of the European solution)
• Managed (as well as finalised) facilities management for infrastructure, third-party application management, Service Desk . . .
• Managed and stimulated the teams by determining their roles and responsibilities and how the organisation could be rationalised, in line with the objectives, activities, and initiatives
• Implemented the actions required to ensure the performance, coherence, integrity, availability, and security of the information system
• Communicated and produced activity reports (performance indicators)

• Ensured the continuity of the CIO function
• Ensured a smooth takeover of files and projects

SectorPosition / Duration ContextMissionResults
Construction sector - GermanyManaging Director / 19 MonthsIntegration and Restructuring• Handled manager replacement
• Managed operations and executed the restructuring plan to return to profitability in 18 months
• Identified and trained potential successors internally

• Handled manager replacement
• Managed operations and executed the restructuring plan to return to profitability in 18 months
• Identified and trained potential successors internally

Components Manufacturer - SwedenIndustrial Plant Manager / 18 MonthsTransferred and repatriated industrial activity in order to rationalise the geographic distribution of the company's production• Maintained production during the transfer phase
• Stayed within the defined budgets
• Managed the administrative and corporate aspects of the site closure

• The transfer of production was completed on time
• The budget was not overspent
• The site was closed without any strikes

Subsidiaries of an international optics company - AsiaManaging Director, Europe / 12 MonthsCompletely reorganised two subsidiaries• Made a former shareholding officer redundant and set up legal action
• Conducted an in-depth audit of the subsidiaries
• Restructured and reassured clients
• Led, managed, and motivated teams
• Conducted the transfer of one of the two subsidiaries
• Appointed a successor

• One of the companies was sold to a legitimate player in the sector
• Completed legal action against the former executive
• The company was profitable again and a successor was appointed
Foreign subsidiary of an International Industrial Company - Latin AmericaChief Financial Officer / 7 MonthsInsufficient profit and quest for improvement• Developed a set of operational indicators to provide general management with valid and effective indicators
• Aligned the subsidiary in terms of the quality and credibility of financial information
• Determined the earn-out via reviewing accounts, especially in terms of project margins
• Structured and coached teams to implement effective project control
• Provided assistance in controlling IT processes
• Was a credible point of contact with the financial management of the subsidiary and division

• In a few months, a new operational reporting system was set up, matching the requirements and standards of the company
• The financial team went through a significant reshuffling
• Set up a task force to rationalise credit control and improve cash flow
• Conducted a detailed analysis of the projects and of invisible (dormant) costs to better understand the financial structure and to optimise development areas
• Revalued the company
• Secured training for the successor

Environment and energy company - MaghrebPurchasing Manager / 4 MonthsStructured and reorganised purchasing management as part of a Management Contract• Set up coordination bodies with the operational departments
• Created and launched an organisation at the purchasing level
• Implemented processes, put together a purchasing database, and drew up procedures

• Set up coordination bodies
• The organisation diagram and flowchart were presented to and validated by management
• Rebuilt the reporting system

Automotive parts manufacturer - RussiaAssistant Managing Director / 9 MonthsStrengthened the Russian entity• Ensured support for the Russian general director in all areas
• Implemented organisational improvements
• Optimised the process for manufacturing and maintaining facilities
• Managed and improved skills in terms of the quality of service (e.g., client, suppliers, series production, projects)
• Organised information flow, the information gathering network, and reporting to the company

• Set up management with implementation of best practices
• Launched productivity initiatives
• Further involved staff and had middle management take more responsibility

Plastics technology - RomaniaIndustrial General Management / 8 MonthsA French industrial company wanted to suspend its business in Romania. It entrusted an MPI interim manager with the task of closing its site without unrest nor a break in production• Stopped production and stepped up another company factory/transfer to avoid losing ongoing contracts
• In partnership with a Romanian law firm, planned the employee safeguarding scheme and kept teams motivated until the end of the operation.
• Obtained the support of regional local authorities
• Decontaminated the site, secured it, and sold it as part of a one-off initiative

• In under 5 months, the interim manager successfully completed the entire operation in terms of quality/cost/timing, without industrial action
• No break in production for clients
• The equipment which was not reassigned to other factories of the group was sold in local auctions. The site was decontaminated and secured
• The transfer of the site is under way
Mining – Central AfricaGeneral management / 15 monthsA mining company wanted to withdraw from Central Africa • Amidst political uncertainty, and without cutting ties with the powers that be, ensured the suspension of the subsidiary, and stopped and secured mining activity
• Managed and motivated teams in place through the end of the operation
• Maintained close contact with the headquarters teams throughout the entire mission

• After 15 months of mission, the interim manager was the last to leave and gave the keys of the suspended subsidiary to a corporate lawyer
• In an extremely tense political context, successfully maintained the existing ties with local political authorities, and the management of the mining company
• The mine was entirely secured and the equipment was sold

Automotive equipmentFactory Manager / 9 MonthsA French components manufacturer faced quality problems amidst a large volume of orders • Handled manager replacement
• Managed operations and executed the restructuring plan to return to profitability in 18 months
• Identified and trained potential successors internally

• Operationally set up all the control bodies for the project: Design Review, Project Validation Committee, Project Management Committee (PMC), Escalation Process, Pre-sourcing/Sourcing Committees
• Managed the two investment phases to increase production capacity and increased needs related to future production in line with cost, quality, and time objectives
• Deployed an action plan to use 5S methodology again on the factory floors
• Participated in hiring the future Chinese managing director and supporting their operational assumption of duties